Should you be interested in the need of the Church as well as society to have a Creed and to live by it, this is one of the best books for you. Theologically this country is at present is in a state of utter chaos established in the name of religious toleration and rapidly degenerating into flight from reason and the death of hope.” ― Dorothy L. Sayers, Creed or Chaos? "Creed or Chaos" is theologically sound, a good read, although you'll stop to underline. The above material was extracted from the essay entitled “Creed or Chaos?” from Sayers’ book Letters to a Diminished Church (2004). Written by Dorothy Sayers. The blunt theological talk of the church ladies — right and wrong, salvation and damnation — seemed to have a better effect. : why Christians must choose either dogma or disaster (or, why it really does matter what you believe) Author: Dorothy L Sayers: Publisher: Manchester, NH : Sophia Institute Press, 1999, ©1949.

Dorothy Sayers | Dec 1, 1999 Share. CREED OR CHAOS? $10.00. “Creed or Chaos” shows that association is itself irrational and that ignoring creed or perverting it leads to ruin. Edition/Format: Print book: English : Forthright editionView all editions and formats: London : The Religious Book Club, 1948.

Target is locked, ready to erase. by Dorothy L. Sayers. V - Creed or Chaos?

The Apostles’ Creed The creed known as the Apostles' Creed has long interested me. World's number one serial killer. BUY NOW FROM. Enter your email address to be contacted if you're chosen. If the average man is going to be interested in Christ at all, it is the dogma that will provide the interest. : Why Christians Must Choose Either Dogma or Disaster; Or, Why It Really Does Matter What You Believe ... Now it may well be that its breakdown would be a terrific disaster and produce a worse chaos than that which went before-we need not argue about it.

User Review - Kirkus With an intellectual brilliance which characterizes all that Dorothy Sayers has written, whether in the religious field or that of … In her address Creed or Chaos ?, delivered on May 4, 1940, Sayers didn't mince words about the need for theology. This is a book of lectures, but these are no mere lectures. Today you hear it even from many well-meaning Christians: “It doesn’t really matter what you believe, so long as you’re sincere.” These pages demonstrate that such a “doctrineless Christianity” is not merely impossible; it’s dangerous.

This is not abstruse theology. Creed or Chaos? Creed or Chaos? KIRKUS REVIEW.

It will make sense to any one with even a casual familiarity with Christianity. If Christian dogma is irrelevant to life, to what is it relevant?—religious dogma is in fact nothing but a statement of doctrines concerning the nature of life and the universe. "It is worse than useless This particular book, 'Creed or Chaos?' Creed or chaos?

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for a chance to win $500 to spend on our website! The conclusion to David Brooks’s thoughtful op-ed in the NYT: I was once in an AIDS-ravaged village in southern Africa. Written in the 1940s, it is actually a compilation of pamphlets (or, perhaps more appropriately, tracts) that were issued along with her speaking engagements. Lines such as "the holy catholic … Chapter 7 “Creed or Chaos”, Dorothy L. Sayers, Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York, 1949.

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