Finally they find the Colt that Bela stole when Superfan Becky informs them that in the books Bela gave the gun to a demon called Crowley, not to Lilith. Crowley believes that once Lucifer succeeds in wiping out the human race, he will then destroy all the demons, who are lesser still than humans. Dean's name is a homage to Jack Kerouac's road-trip novel On the Road, tying into Kripke's concept for an Americana road-trip television series. He goes to his desk, and Dean speaks up: Dean: Oh, uh, excuse me for asking, but aren't you kind of signing your own death warrant?

Crowley initially does not react, then comments that they will need additional bullets.

Crowley continues to help Sam and Dean and eventually they lock Lucifer back up in his cage forever. RELATED: Supernatural The 5 Scariest Ghosts (And the 5 Most Sympathetic) He determines this quickly and shares it with Dean. With Dean and Crowley off to find the First Blade, thereby running into the ridiculously charming Cain, Sam and Cas team up to extract the rest of Gadreel's grace from Sam… During this time, Crowley is the most hated demon, and the demons plan to torture him for all eternity. Crowley Demon is on Facebook. In Season 2's two-part finale "All Hell Breaks Loose," Sam and Dean get separated when Sam is … Sam figures out Gabriel’s deal with the devil and tries to help, but ends up caught up in it himself. Having this knowledge, both gives Sam sympathy for Molly, but also help … Sam and Dean track down Crowley to retrieve the Colt with the intention of using it to kill Lucifer. Sam is distressed at the wrecked state of the Impala, and Bobby suggests scrapping the car, until he sees that to Sam it embodies the state Dean is in, and to give up on the Impala would be to give up on Dean. The Winchester brothers cut off the power to Crowley's home and then confront the demon. During this time, Crowley is the most hated demon, and the demons plan to torture him for all eternity. What follows is the story of one demon and the two hunters that disagreed with his punishment. Can they save their demon or is it already too late? Sure, Dick was a chomper who was ready to feast on people, but he was still a man of his word, something that Crowley skirted around. As he turns over the rug and reveals the devil's trap, two demons sneak up behind Dean and Sam and restrain them. Crowley Background information Origins Supernatural Fictional Character information Alias CrowleyPunkass Crossroad Demon (by Dean)Doggy (by Lucifer) "I deserve to be loved." Death count: Sam: 1, Dean: 0 Photo: Michael Courtney/CW. Directed by Guy Norman Bee. When searching for Bobby’s soul as the second trial Sam finds Crowley.

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