-Yeah I know, they call him Italian Stallion. Damn, that Italian dude is hung like a horse.

He was the greatest.

Used in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, this term defines a stallion who is attracted to other stallions.

An example of a stallion is a male stud horse used for breeding. The act of having a bomb ass summer filled with fun, twerking and being eco-friendly. She added that the group sees that team spirit is important and this has created a "family like bond that keeps our clients coming back for more."

Definition of stallion written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. This machine embroidery design contains … The word "thoroughbred" refers to a woman in this same way. Stallion definition: A stallion is a male horse, especially one kept for breeding.

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But now they are split up, and there …

Stalking horse definition is - a horse or a figure like a horse behind which a hunter stalks game. A term coined in the wake of Megan Thee Stallion ’s album “ Fever ” “I gotta get this body in check for this Stallion Summer ” #hottie #hot girl shit #stallion

Urban Dictionary shall be free to use such information on an unrestricted basis. Stallion definition, an uncastrated adult male horse, especially one used for breeding. What does Stallion mean? Stallion can also be referred to attractive tall women it mostly came from Houston Texas in the south also war-horse n. 1.

Useful for a person that shows spectacular attributes.3. Define stallion. : An adult male horse that has not been castrated, especially one kept for breeding. No man can compare to him. Thoroughbred definition is - bred from the best blood through a long line : purebred.

Submitted by The Last Don on Aug 30 2011. Urban Dictionary has made headlines for releasing dictionary terms related to BTS Jimin for 3 consecutive days. The definition of a stallion is a male horse that has not been castrated, or is slang for a powerful and virile man who has a lot of lovers.

Italian Stallion sex An Italian man who has a penis that is on-par with the size of a horse's. "Damn, wassup mama you fine you a stallion!"

How to use thoroughbred in a sentence. Damn he's got the body of a stallion!Meaning that his body makes a woman want to fantasize about riding him sexually like a horse. See more. body literally looks like a race horse.

Stallion in AZ Dictionary (n) An adult male horse that has not been castrated, especially one kept for breeding. +

2. stalking horse definition: 1. in politics, someone who competes for a position that they have no chance of winning, in order….

warhorse synonyms, warhorse pronunciation, warhorse translation, English dictionary definition of warhorse. black stallions Once the greatest dodge ball team to ever set foot on the battle feild , they would crush any opposing team. Urban Dictionary: The Stallion Legends say they call him "The Stallion."

‘The main advantage is that the best stallion for your mare can be used irrespective of location.’ ‘Outside the breeding season the mares and stallions are kept separate otherwise the stallions fight to the death to win mating rights over the mares.’ stallion synonyms, stallion pronunciation, stallion translation, English dictionary definition of stallion. (n) An uncastrated male horse (n) A male kept mostly as a stud Stallion in Community Dictionary 1.
See more. An expression to exhibit how really majestic somebody is.2.

An adult male horse that has not been castrated, especially one kept for breeding, or an adult male of another equine species. by theestalli May 20, 2019 stallion meaning: 1. an adult male horse that is used for breeding 2. an adult male horse that is used for breeding…. A term highlighted by Megan thee stallion meaning a woman that is tall and fine (5'7 and over). Advertising.

Stallion: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Sports (2 matching dictionaries) Stallion: Horse Racing Terminology [home, info] Stallion: Sports Definitions [home, info] Tech (2 matching dictionaries) stallion: Agriculture Glossary [home, info] STALLION: Farrier & Hoofcare [home, info] (Note: See stallions for more definitions.) Stallion definition is - an uncastrated male horse : a male horse kept for breeding; also : a male animal (such as a dog or a sheep) kept primarily as a stud.

2. Stallions ' philosophy, according to Abdel Dayem, is to "motivate and empower individuals to reach their best possible athletic ability."

Define warhorse.

| Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples A horse used in combat; a charger. Dictionary.com is the world’s leading online source for English definitions, synonyms, word origins and etymologies, audio pronunciations, example sentences, slang phrases, idioms, word games, legal and medical terms, Word of the Day and more. A guy with a very very large penis.

Create wondrous pillows, totes, wall hangings, and more with an ocean stallion inspired by traditional Irish folklore. Nag definition, to annoy by persistent faultfinding, complaints, or demands.

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