Giraffes: 30 minutes to 2 hours per day, often broken up into smaller sections. 1. 4. For this reason, they will … Top 10: Which animals sleep the most?

Python: 18. 5. North American Opossum: 18 hours per day.

10 Most Sleepiest Animals On Earth 10 – Cat 09 – Squirrel 08 – Hamster 07 – Lion 06 – Owl Monkey 05 – Lemur 04 – Opossum 03 – Armadillo 02 – Sloth 01 – Koala Learn the truth! Sloth: 20. Brown Bat: 19.9 hours per day. Are sloths the laziest animal?

Koala: 20-22. For this reason, the most detailed data on animal sleep comes from captive subjects.

3. 2. Because getting up from the ground takes them a little time, laying down makes them more vulnerable to predators such as crocodiles and lions. Python: 18 … Giant Armadillo: 18.1 hours per day. According to Lesku, the current record holders for sleep are the large hairy armadillo … Brown bat: 19.9.

Giant armadillo: 18.1.

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