The tradition of going to refuge is still relevant for our own practice today, for we are faced with the same internal dangers that faced people in the Buddha’s time. Your entire ordination training will be orientated towards deepening your Going for Refuge to the point where Order members can say that it is 'effective', in all aspects of your life. Going for refuge is a method of cultivation, a practice of inner development which should be undertaken regularly, repeated and renewed every day as part of one's daily routine. by Bruce Kirchoff There are two related meanings of the English word refuge that highlight the value of sarana, the Buddhist word for refuge. When we go for refuge, we align ourselves with the goodness and truth that comes from non-clinging.

Going to this as refuge one is not entirely released from pain. Going for refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha protects us from danger as much as it nourishes the growth of what is most beautiful within us. Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels is what distinguishes the Buddhist. Going for refuge is a choice to orient oneself by what the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha represent. It is not clear what the first stanza means, and the commentary is not very helpful, but it suggests a religious context in which it was believed that making offerings to supernatural beings, perhaps yakṣa s, in the mountains and woods, or at their local shrines, would induce those beings to protect the devotee in return. Going for Refuge. Tuesday, June 02, 2020. Going for Refuge and Taking the Precepts by Bhikkhu Bodhi; Refuge: An Introduction to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; Refuge Tree Thangkas by Dharmapala Thangka Centre; Ceremony for Taking Refuge and Precepts by Ven. Thubten Chodron; The three jewels of Buddhism in relation to Anthroposophy. The act of going for refuge marks the point where one commits oneself to taking the Dhamma, or the Buddha's teaching, as the primary guide to the conduct of one's life. By Going for Refuge one becomes a Buddhist. To understand why this commitment is called a "refuge", it is helpful to look at the history of the custom. The formula of Going for Refuge to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha is a familiar … Part ten in the series 'Bringing It All Back Home' Recorded at Sheffield Buddhist Centre on 18.09.18 Speaker: Vadanya.

Sujato calls it Itchy, but I like being devoured much better, in the Bodhi translation. You might also be interested in The Complete Works of Sangharakshita, available in hardback, paperback and/or eBook volumes. Going For Refuge Deepening and intensify my Dharma practice (TBC, Zen (Ch'an, Soen), Tibetan and Theravada traditions, Refuge Recovery) with book reviews, cultural notes, photography, and anything Buddhisty.

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