Read Duolingo: Language Learning as a Game for details. The article is about how Duolingo doesn’t work if you want to achieve fluency in a language. 64.2k. “That’s not something I’m going to advise them to do without using an immersion setting in addition.” ... People of Reddit who knew celebrities before they were famous, how different do they act now? So, yes, Duolingo does work for learning a language. I've only just discovered Duolingo but I am finding it extremely enjoyable. It is 11:30pm where I am, and I may stop responding soon, as it’s late. At the core of Duolingo is a student model that tracks statistics about every word we've ever taught you: for example, how often you've seen a word, remembered it correctly, and so on. To let you know the amount of practice, I have about 61k XP. The “hovering” approach works no matter where you are in the course.

At the end of the day, everybody has their own way of doing things. For the first year I almost exclusively used DuoLingo (though I heard translated Spanish every day at work). We use these stats to predict how likely you are to remember any given word at any time. Immersion and, failing that, courses or serious self-study. save hide report. Imo Duolingo is one of the best starting points for learning a new language. That’s the only claim the article and the linguists in the article are making. 16.9k comments. How well does Duolingo actually work? Duolingo might be good at teaching you vocab — Sacco says Duolingo provides users with more than 3000 vocab words over a given language course — but that doesn’t make it comprehensive.

There was a lot of work to be done. 62.1k. NessaNessaJoy. The imugur links no longer work.

Es ist 100% kostenlos, wissenschaftlich fundiert und macht Spaß. Close. I learned the basics of Ukrainian from Duolingo a year ago, now I'm studying in Ukraine. Instead I reached for an app, Duolingo, because when I mentioned this story to a colleague who was using it, I heard nothing but raves. share. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit … Duolingo ist die beliebteste Methode, eine Sprache zu lernen. Es ist 100% kostenlos, wissenschaftlich fundiert und macht Spaß. Good work and thanks! However, you have to use it the right way (as a student, not a mindless gamer), and you have to supplement it with other materials.

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67% Upvoted. Duolingo still has a ways to go before being a one-stop language learning hub, but the inclusion of podcasts and stories is a good addition. How well does Duolingo actually work? Übe auf oder mit den Apps! 1. Depends. Since Crown Levels give you tougher exercises at higher levels, there’s lots of room to improve, even if you’ve already finished the course. Good luck and enjoy the journey!

save hide report. If I do go offline, I will be back to send DMs tomorrow sometime. For example, as an English speaker, you can learn Spanish, with over 40 million other learners, Italian, with 10 million learners, or even Irish, with just over 1 million learners. But they do give the alternative. 12 comments. So, I wouldn't say one can become a linguistic genius with Duolingo alone, but it does help people get started. What do you call fluent? I think there needs to be a box to tick if the voice isn't quite right so these can be redone just as there is the option for ticking a box if the translation you give is right but duolingo hasn't got it in it's database. And I have a few recommendations for maximizing your Duolingo use for homescho

I'm sharing again what I like and what I don't like about this app, as both a homeschooling mom and a language educator. Duolingo “certainly isn’t going to be something I recommend to my clients in French West Africa, that they take Duolingo English to improve enough to be able to work in English,” he says. If you work hard, Duolingo should get you to working proficiency. Try finding friends that speak the language you're learning, TV, music and even narrating whatever you're doing in that language might help. Duolingo is one of the most popular homeschool language learning tools--but does it work? (This is a huge database with billions of entries that get updated 3,000 times per second!) Just a couple of suggestions. This post was deleted for weird reasons. After about a year I started consuming media in Spanish (mostly Netflix, News in Slow … Personally I have found that using it alongside a textbook for my preferred language is the best way to maximize its usefulness. February 4, 2013. Duolingo “certainly isn’t going to be something I recommend to my clients in French West Africa, that they take Duolingo English to improve enough to be able to work in English,” he says. level 2. And it's worth noting that the Ukrainian course is pretty bare bones and needs a lot of work whereas … Here is the Instagram. The free language learning app Duolingo offers 11 completed language courses for English speakers, 2 beta languages, and 8 languages still “hatching” in their incubator form.

share. What I think Duolingo does very well, is give you a good writing and reading ability in your chosen language, to speak it and hear and understand it needs experience in the real world, with real native speakers. You know what, screw it.

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