I'm just wondering... does Gray like Lucy? The speaker then claims that he saw “the solitary child” right “at break of day”. Was it ever hinted in the anime or in the manga? No one really knows, its just the beginning. Lucy Gray, like the Lucy of the Lucy poems and Ruth of Wordsworth's "Ruth" are, according to H. W. Garrod, part of "an order of beings who have lapsed out of nature – the nature of woods and hills – into human connections hardly strong enough to hold them. Gray Fullbuster is the love interest of Juvia Lockser in the anime/manga series, Fairy Tail. But, I think Gray likes Lucy.

As of now, I'm just at the Edolas arc and there are some GrayLu moments like when Earthland Erza and Edolas Erza are fighting each other, Gray asked Lucy if she was okay and released her hand from the rope and they were really close. At the beginning of the manga, Gray possibly had slight crush on Lucy from the way he acted around her. Yes, Gray does like Lucy. and Ezra well safe to say she is in love with jellal .

The answer to all your Fairy Tail questions. now i know juvia is in love with him and lyon with her . I definitely feel like Suzanne Collins left her appearance up to the reader’s interpretation, but this just leads me back to the question of how they’re planning on casting her. But just as a friend, teammate, guildmate. Will they send out a casting call for all demographics and just cast whoever they feel best captures her character? In a chapter of fairy tail, Gray mentioned that he is … If anyone has anything else to add, please feel free to! Though he could also like Juvia but nothing is clear about his position on it. The problem is she's like a princess trapped in the highest room, but that doesn't stop her from believing in Natsu and falling from her tower. He is not on love with her. Initially, Juvia was Gray's enemy, as a member of Phantom Lord's strongest team, Element 4.However, When the two met, she instantly fell in love with him at first sight. You can ask a new question using the box above. When Gemini/Gray saw Lucy he started saying things like thinking she was "cute" and he was "a little interested in her". i … Lucy Gray Baird is the first name called out first for the District 12 reaping, as her mentor-to-be, 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow, watches on screen. According to Gemini, who not only copies one's looks and abilities, but also one's thoughts, Gray's opinions about Lucy is as follows: "Newcomer to the guild, looks pretty damn cute, possesses some skills and she's more naive than she appears to be, apart from being a Celestial Spirit Mage. Some people like Gray and Lucy, but people like Juvia and Gray together, so Gray will possibly fall in love with Juvia.

Some people like Gray and Lucy, but people like Juvia and Gray together, so Gray will possibly fall in love with Juvia.

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The reader knows that Lucy Gray has been heard of before, and often.

I missed a lot of Fairy Tail lately. i know lucy has thought about her and natsu and got nervous about it before but not gray . At this point, the speaker does not reveal why he has heard of Lucy Gray. How do you all think she’ll be casted f

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That was in the anime, I don't know about manga. But since it is not very straight out "I love you, kissy kissy" type of show, we don't see romantic relationship stuff as much with the main characters.

We have very few policies, and they can be viewed here. Our site allows info from recent chapters and episode and as such has a plethora of spoilers so be very cautious. Violet Gray is a supporting female character in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.Her most recognizable feature is her trademark ponytail. Juvia. Nor does he reveal why seeing her is worth mentioning. Good thing she believed in him, as he breaks her fall and they return to the guild. Nor does he reveal why seeing her is worth mentioning. so far i know it can be Ezra lucy or juvia .

The reader knows that Lucy Gray has been heard of before, and often.

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