In the world of quick change, adaptation, and stress, we all need alone time with our thoughts, to contemplate the future and devise a plan. getAbstract and Audible also have exciting yearly subscription plans, but Blinkist is more cost-efficient.

===== Blinkist costs $50/year. Stay tuned, to learn more about their pros and cons. Unlike Blinkist, getAbstract gives 10 minutes read. Unlike Blinkist, GetAbstract is a lot more flexible when it comes to their products, or should we say options. For busy professionals want to read books but they don’t find enough time reading complete books. 12min Team | Posted on June 11, 2017 | 1 min read ⌚ Just another book summary battle. I like Blinkist the best (don't know what it is? The best value for the money. They pay more attention to the size since each of the offers is restricted to a number of books and categories or not – it all depends on your “contribution” to the website. GetAbstract uses ratings, likes, and comments, which help you make up your mind. ), because it's: 1. Excellent bite-sized summaries of popular books; A … From the above comparison between Blinkist and Blinkist Alternative, it’s loud and clear, Blinkist is, undoubtedly, #1 book summaries service among the Blinkist alternative. As I’m an Android user and Joosr is iOS-only, I gave its rival Blinkist (more than 1,000 books in 15-minute reads for around 50 quid a year) a go. getAbstract is $299 per year and only the $99 pricing is only available for students with a valid Student ID. Blinkist and getAbstract are best apps for reading books in 15 or 10 minutes. getAbstract is the similar application providing summaries of the books. If you ask me, and getAbstract are the best alternatives to Blinkist, as they have a similar, if slightly more expensive price-to-value ratio, not factoring in any discounts. Blinkist vs GetAbstract: Features. Only getAbstract and Soundview seem to compete with the Blinkist in the books’ collection size, but the Blinkist wins over them because of the affordable plans and pricing. However, you can of course always check other ratings and reviews of any book online, for example on Goodreads or … getAbstract vs Blinkist. To reap the maximum benefits of reading book summaries, you have to consider a site that best suits your preferences.

Unlike other Blinklist alternatives on this list, you’ll not find a wide range of topics to read. In the battle of Blinkist vs. getAbstract, the winner is … too close to call! Both provides brief summaries of most popular non-fiction books. Blinkist doesn’t have this feature. GetAbstract helps you decide which book summaries to read, Blinkist doesn’t. The other site that runs head to head with getAbstract is Blinkist. Blinkist vs getAbstract – getAbstract is geared more towards corporate clients and is more a lot more expensive. getAbstract is laser-focused on business-oriented books. Expand your business knowledge with summaries you can read in 10 minutes or less. Blinkist is more about short and sweet pieces of wisdom, while getAbstract … GetAbstract vs Blinkist Apps & Devices Comparison Blinkist is the winner of this section with its users rating the App at 4.4 stars in the App stores, while GetAbstract, seems to have multiple issues. Blinkist is a more moderately-priced product. However, getAbsract goes deep with over 20,000+ offerings across over 350 categories from leadership to corporate culture, that specifically pertains to business. The annual subscription service is quite a bargain as you get a 45% discount access, which is an excellent offer. The world’s largest library of business book summaries. Also it is not as user friendly as the Blinkist interface. Blinkist, getAbstract, and Audible, all provide a similar solution, but with slight differences in their review content and presentation.

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