how can a guarded prognosis of severe depression and anxiety and panic disorder not be able to help win disability? The difference between the two is that while a prognosis is a guess as to the outcome of treatment, a diagnosis is actually identifying the problem and giving it a name, such as depression or … ... as payroll taxes fell and the number of people applying for early retirement and disability benefits increased. They have a questionable outlook. Answer Save. Prognosis guarded for Medicare and Social Security. Author information: (1)Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Center for Vasculitis Care and Research, Cleveland, Ohio 44195, USA. It says the prognosis is guarded.

I finally had my SSDI hearing on Thursday, and my psychiatrist had reported that I have a GAF under 30 and a prognosis of guarded… Prognosis of Bipolar Disorder. When a patient has a guarded prognosis, he or she has an acute illness.

Prognosis vs. Sometimes, the term ‘guarded’ will be used instead of the term ‘serious’, it indicates a patient whose’s medical condition has become stabilized, but it is still unknown if their condition will improve or it might worsen. A doctor may use this term when he or she is unsure if the patient will be able to recover. A Guarded Prognosis. He won social security disability but now he is being pulled back in at the VA for a C&P of PTSD and I want to try to get him P&T and was wondering if those letters/reports, especially the 2 that say "prognosis is guarded" can help. Prognosis guarded for Medicare and Social Security ... as payroll taxes fell and the number of people applying for early retirement and disability benefits increased. The doctor is not exactly sure of what the patient’s probability for recovery might be, but they still believe that the patient has a (slight) chance of recovery. Without treatment with medications, the risk of having a recurrence of a Bipolar mood episode (Major Depressive, Hypomanic, Manic or Mixed) after a previous one has resolved is as high as 85% in the first year [].With medication, this risk is about 20-50% in the first year [] but up to 80% in five years []. Hi, my rheumatologist just finished filing my disability forms (I have OA, RA and Raynoud's) and I only read them after I got home, next apptm in 4 more weeks. PROGNOSIS: GUARDED How Health Disparities Impact the Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilities 2 Acknowledgements The Arc is pleased to acknowledge the following organizations that contributed to the HealthMeet® program.

Symptoms of a stroke. The main symptoms of stroke can be remembered with the word FAST: Face – the face may have dropped on 1 side, the person may not be able to smile, or their mouth or eye may have dropped. Guarded is usually more ill than a serious prognosis, but not as ill as critical.

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