Do you think Kaien was already dead during the Isshin flashbacks (20 years ago)? Because of his brother, Kaien Shiba 's, death at the hands of Rukia Kuchiki when he was still young, Ganju holds a …

Summary. ...also I dislike that Ichigo=Kaien theory so yes, death to that theory. kaien's soul was sucked by the arrancar aaroniero.

Rukia meeting Kaien Shiba for the first time. ... the four noble families have a distinguished reiatsu, which the Shiba were one of before the Kaien incident. Reblog. Within Rukia's dream, it is Rukia's first day as a Shinigami.The other members of the Thirteenth Division taunt her behind her back because she was adopted by the Kuchiki Clan and exempted from many of the exams to join the Gotei 13.Lieutenant Kaien Shiba shows up and sends the gossiping squad members off to work again. Kaien!

Unfollow. and ichigo comes to hueco mundo while aaroniero is still alive, so they cant be the same person. toshiro1234 . Espada Number: 9 Aaroniero wields the unique ability to absorb dead Hollows and obtain their power, letting him continually evolve, and thanks to his acquisition of Metastacia, he has all of Kaien Shiba's abilities (and can take his form).

Kaien Shiba is back from the Dead to teach some other Wrestler from the Bleach cast how to fight properly. Birthday. It seems like it's possible, because we know Kaien was the head of the Shiba household when he was alive, and during the Isshin flashback they say Isshin is the head despite being from a lesser family branch. Originally posted by ableachrp. Kaien Shiba (志波 海燕, Shiba Kaien) is the former Lieutenant and later Captain of the 13th Division in the Gotei 13, hailing from an alternate world, which was laid to ruin jointly by the Collapse and Averian's army. Rukia Kuchiki brought Kaien's body back to the Shiba household and admitted to being Kaien's killer, which would eventually spawn Ganju's hatred towards the Shinigami.

After the espada's showdown everyone thought Kaien Shiba was dead but turns out he was alive in Aaroniero's body, he wakes up and finds rukia and he needs … With a new song going on sale in the Shiba Music Hut every week. I liked his idea and that he looked simmilar to Ichigo so i decided to let both of them become fighter next to some others of the Cast ^^ Kaien belongs to Bleach Universe Done by the amazing

And as much as I love Rukia, I do not know how she is going to get out of a fight with an espada alive, I mean I know she's not going to die, but how she's going to survive I have no idea. Happy. Kaien goes up to Rukia and tells her to stop having such a confused look and that she should be happy that everyone's favorite lieutenant is alive. Follow. Singing Amen, I, I’m alive Singing Amen, I, I’m alive.

That would place Kaien's death between 20-52 years ago.. Ichigo and Kaien: Isshin and Ganju: ... Because they are alive, a zanpakutō will regenerate if broken, though there is a limit to such regeneration (a vaporized zanpakutō would not regenerate, for example). ... Bleach kaien shiba kaien shiba kaien Rukia Kuchiki rukia KaiRuki my edit mangacap. 287 notes. Rukia is convinced that this is indeed Kaien in front of her because she has the same feeling right now that she used to have when she was always around Kaien. Kaien reminisced that, Because of Shiba corporation, music became a part and parcel of life in soul society.

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