What positive and or negative characteristics do you find in Odysseus? Clearly Odysseus is loyal to the Greeks, as he fights courageously in the Trojan War. One could also argue that Odysseus, at times, is a bad guest.

Analyzing Odysseus’s character is a challenge because there are both positive and negative sides to his loyalty, judgement, and pride. Odysseus has the defining character traits of a Homeric leader: strength, courage, nobility, a thirst for glory, and confidence in his authority. Odysseus has numerous admirable character traits, but the three that are often used to define him are his courage, intelligence and sensitivity. He shows bravery and intelligence, close favor with the gods, and an adventurous spirit.Negative Traits:He is boastful and gloats too much. Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Greek hero: Strengths of Odysseus. Courage There have been many instances where Odysseus manifested courage. One of Odysseus’ negative characteristics is that he is stubbornly selfish. When encountering danger, Odysseus leads by example. Odysseus was both physically and emotionally unfaithful to Penelope, his wife. You earn someone’s trust by demonstrating your loyalty to them. His most distinguishing trait, however, is his sharp intellect. The first is during the adventure with the Cyclops in book 9.

zombies are people who go into ufo ships to be healed by "aliens". 1. These qualities contribute to the popular image of Odysseus as a leader of men and a Homeric hero. odysseus was a pagan. you live only once. after you die, you either go to hell or heaven.
Odysseus is a complex character and has been the subject of many Here is a brief list of some of his traits. He was also behind the making of the famous Trojan horse and known for his adventures in the Underworld. Odysseus act stubbornly selfish in a few ways.

Although it was Kalypso that wished to lay with Odysseus, it was his choice to agree to her, “She received me, she loved me.” (224) His decision to be unfaithful to his wife was caused by no one but himself. When he and his men break into the cyclops's cave, Odysseus demands a gift. different creatures like phoenixes, dinosaurs, monsters really exist, but be careful because demons know about these creatures and will mix in their lies to draw you away from God. On the island of Ogygia, Odysseus slept with Kalypso numerous times over the seven years. Odysseus had made his mark in leadership and have several traits attributed to him.
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