Both the cilia and unicellular glands indicate that this is a simple epithelium.

pseudostratified columnar epithelium location: nonciliated type in male’s sperm-carrying ducts and ducts of large glands, ciliated variety lines the trachea, most of the upper respiratory tract. Rather the nuclei are arranged in an almost random fashion. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium Although pseudostratified epithelium appears stratified, all of its cells rest on the basement membrane. pseudostratified epithelium smooth muscle connective tissue cardiac muscle adipose tissue BBC Motion Gallery: {{searchText.groupByEventToggleImages()}} {{searchText.groupByEventToggleEvents()}} {{searchText.groupByEventToggleImages()}} {{searchText.groupByEventToggleEvents()}} 123 Columnar Epithelium stock pictures and images.
(Fig.3C, 3 C, E, G, K). Pseudostratified columnar epithelium is a type of epithelium that appears to be stratified but instead consists of a single layer of irregularly shaped and differently sized columnar cells. A type of epithelium in which all cells reach to the basement membrane but some extend toward the surface only part way, while others reach the surface Explanation of pseudostratified epithelium

MH 016 Simple Epithelia (H&E) MH 135 Larynx (H&E) MH 136 Trachea (H&E) MHS 222 Trachea (H&E) Stratified Squamous Epithelium. Find out information about pseudostratified epithelium.

Definition noun, plural: pseudostratified epithelia An epithelial tissue comprised of a single layer of epithelial cells that are in direct contact with the basement membrane, however, appear to be stratified due to the positioning of the cells Supplement The epithelial tissue (also called epithelium) is one of the different types of animal tissues. The pseudostratified columnar epithelium …

Browse 123 columnar epithelium stock photos and images … Looking for pseudostratified epithelium? Pseudostratified epithelium appears to be stratified because the nuclei of the epithelial cells are at different levels. The epithelium consisted of approximately five cell layers. pseudostratified columnar epithelium function: secretion, particularly of mucus, propulsion of mucus by ciliary action. However, every cell is in contact with the basement membrane, but not all cells reach the lumen. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium gets its name because while the cells are columnar in shape, their nuclei do not arrange at the bottom (or basal side) of the cell. In contrast, the pseudostratified columnar epithelium was distributed to the lower half of the epiglottis, vestibular folds (false vocal folds), laryngeal ventricles, and the subglottic region (Fig. However, they are true simple epithelium because it is only a single layer of cells, and the “stratification” is just an illusion.
In pseudostratified epithelium, nuclei of neighboring cells appear at different levels rather than clustered in the basal end. Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelium. The epithelium pictured here is ciliated and possesses unicellular glands that secrete mucus, called goblet cells.

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